Welcome to the Virtuosi-7 page of the website. Virtuosi-7 is the sister ensemble of Double Duos, with a rather different remit.

We aim to bring the full sounds of orchestral music (generally from the Classical era through Romantic to early 20th Century) via a group of just seven players – hence the name! Our own, special arrangements, undertaken by Susan & Trevor Denyer are tailored to the strengths of the ensemble and enable us to tackle some quite challenging works. This is quite similar to the way that new pieces were publicised before the days of radio and recordings made them so accessible.

We feel that the balance of the instruments allows us to fill some complex harmonies without reducing their impact. The ability of the players also means that little in the way of detail is missed, with some difficult passages being given full exposure!

We can tailor our performances to suit many different formats: our education work has been enjoyed and complemented, and we can accompany choirs as well given enough time to prepare the arrangements.

Please make contact via email:, telephone: 07740 582964. We also have a Facebook page: www.facebook/virtuosi-7.

Unique arrangements from the golden age of Swing Music